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Good Governance Network

GDCA initiated the Good Governance Network comprising GDCA, the Tamale Office of CDD-Ghana, the Local Governance Network (LOGNet) Northern Region, Institute of Local Government Studies Tamale Campus and Rural Media Network (RUMNET). The forum provides opportunity to reach other CSOs nationwide to support in research and dissemination activities. Since 2013, the network has worked together to carry a nation-wide research and dissemination of results on the application of MMDAs’ Model Standing Orders, training of community groups in local governance policies and making joint project proposals.

Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas

The platform currently comprises about 120 organised groups, individuals and professional bodies (including community based organisations, faith based groups, research institutions, gender based groups, trade unions, etc.) working toward ensuring transparency and accountability in the oil and gas industry in Ghana. The platform focuses on strengthening the ability of civil society to have their voices heard on oil and gas legislation, revenue collection and environmental protection.

Depending on their expertise (e.g. budgetary issues, revenue tracking, human rights, environment), member organisations take the lead on specific activities to be carried out, with others lending their support. In addition, some activities are carried out by the platform at national level, particularly with regard to national advocacy, such as the development of policy briefs.

GDCA has been a member of the Civil Society Platform on Oil & Gas (CSPOG) since its formation in 2008 and has remained an active member of the platform to date. GDCA is the representative and convener of the platform in the three regions of Northern Ghana, Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions. CSPOG also provides GDCA the opportunity to be informed about other extractive industry initiatives such as the Ghana Extractive Industries Initiative (GHEITI), the Akoben framework established by the Environmental Protection Agency to name and shame mining companies regarding responsible behaviour in the industry.

Northern Network for Education Development

The Northern Network for Education Development is a registered Civil Society initiative in collaboration with the Regional Directorates of Education and Houses of Chiefs. The network came together to address challenges to educational development and to ensure that the Education For All (EFA) commitments are fulfilled in the three northern Regions of Ghana.

NNED seeks to harmonise and harness the collective efforts of all people with interest in Northern Ghana to mobilise their energy and resources to address challenges to education development in these regions.

GDCA is an active member of the network and regularly participates in the activities of the network. The network provides opportunity to leverage GDCA’s work in education and to link up with other stakeholders in the sector.

Visit NNED here.

Northern Ghana Network for Development

NGND is network of Ghanaian civil society organizations – non-governmental and community-based – working in cities and villages throughout the three northern regions of Ghana.   The Network is strong, resourceful and connected to the people through its  member organizations. They work in areas of health, education, food security, women’s empowerment and citizen participation in government.


GDCA is an active member of the Network and actively participates in its activities. GDCA also supports some activities of the Network in the engagement in policy dialogue, research and learning and sharing in the areas of local governance, natural resources management and government policies. The platform provides GDCA the opportunity to reach out to the Upper East and Upper West Regions through other members of the network.


Visit NGND here.

Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation Forum

GDCA is an active member of the network, participating in meetings and capacity building activities of the network. GDCA also shares its experience in monitoring and evaluation on the platform, while learning from other members of the platform.

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