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The European Volunteer in humanitarian Aid (EVA) initiative focuses on improving capacities and providing technical assistance to the third-country organizations selected to go through the certification process.  The certification process also requires that selected organizations go through an assessment process and be assisted to improve on their systems and procedures to meet the EU volunteer management standards before the authorisation to send or receive volunteers under the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA), an NGO based in Tamale, and Asticude, an association based in Morocco, were the two organisations selected in Africa under the EVA project.

Project goal and objectives

EVA is a capacity building project aims at giving 7 third country organizations the skills to reach the standards and procedures to apply for certification to host EU Aid volunteers, by introducing new methods and skills in the field of humanitarian aid and volunteer management.

Therefore, one of the main goals is to improve and strengthen the capacities of these organizations in managing volunteers in Humanitarian aid context and to transfer these capacities to their network.

By the end of the project all partners should obtain their EUAV certification.

Jonatan Freund
Community engagement
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