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Abdulai Adam

Manager, Dalun Simli Centre

ADAM assumed the position of Manager of Dalun Simli Centre in 2015. Prior to that, he worked Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) secretariat as the Assistant Accounts Officer. Between 2009 and 2011, he was the Accounts Officer of GDCA/UNICEF Micro Credit Scheme.


Osman Abdel-Rahman

Executive Director, GDCA

Alhaji Osman Abdel-Rahman is a development practitioner who has managed development projects and programmes since 1991. He is currently the Executive Director of GDCA and also manages and coordinates projects and programmes of annual portfolios of more than GH¢4m.


Abukari Abdul-Rahaman

Manager, Simli Radio

Abdul-Rahaman has been the Manager of Simli Radio since 2016. He possesses remarkable administrative and outstanding marketing skills. Abdul-Rahaman holds Bachelor of Arts in Commerce from University of Cape Coast, HND in Accounting from Tamale Technical University and certificate in Strategic Media Communication from GIJ.


Philip A. Gmabi

Technical Advisor, Policy and Governance

Gmabi A. Philip first joined GDCA as Field Officer for the CBO Network Project in April 2004. He was made the Project Officer for the CBO Empowerment Project in 2006 and subsequently became the Subcomponent Manager for the Civil Society Strengthening (CSS) Subcomponent in 2010.


Lukman Yussif

Manager, CLIP

Lukman Yussif joined GDCA in 2002 as Food Security Officer for the Changing Lives in Innovative Partnerships (CLIP) and coordinator of all CLIP sub-projects such as PARSAO and WASTE. He has worked with the staff and with some support from GDCA and the CLIP TC to secure funds for new projects.


Wedad Sayibu

Manager, School for Life

Wedad Sayibu has over fifteen (15) years of experience in Development Practice. Wedad has led the implementation and management of programs on promoting access and quality of education for rural children, Complementary Basic Education, Promoting Educational Governance and Accountability, etc.

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