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Using Artificial Intelligence to detect crops diseases

Launched in 2022 for a one-year period, the project aims to create and promote the use of an online application to detect crops pests and diseases. It is developed by the Artificial Intelligence for agriculture and food systems network in Ghana, which gathers SCOs and sholars on the development of digital solutions to improve the agro-business in the country.

The project will foster the improvement of agricultural processes in the Northern part of Ghana as well as their modernization. It will enable the farmers of the area to:

- Detect early crops diseases and pests;

- Put in place preventive or control measures;

- Gather data on crops diseases and improve their management.

The use of new technologies in the agricultural sector will enable a quicker development of the region and facilitate resilience against climate change in Northern Ghana.

In this project, GDCA is working closely with small farmers as individuals and organisations.

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