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Jonatan Freund
Community engagement


GDCA with funding from EU, UKaid and Danida through STAR-Ghana is implementing a 12-month project on economic governance dubbed "Enhancing Participation in Internal Revenue Mobilization and Utilization (EPRM)" in the East Gonja Municipal Assembly.

The project is building on the achievements of an on-going local governance accountability project called the Ghana’s Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms (GSAM) Project.

The GSAM Project is a five-year governance project seeking to strengthen citizen’s oversight of Capital Development Projects and improve local government transparency, accountability and performance. Care International in Ghana, Oxfam in Ghana and Integrated Social Development Centre, (ISODEC) who form the GSAM Consortium are working together with Ghana Audit Service (GAS), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other local and national level stakeholders to implement the project in 100 districts from 2014 to 2019. However, the GSAM Project has focus on only capital development projects.


The EPRM project is therefore seeking to extend the scope of the GSAM project principles to cover internally generated funds (IGF) in the East Gonja Municipal Assembly, where GDCA is implementing the GSAM Project as the Focal Civil Society Organization (CSO).

Project goals and objectives:

The goal of the project is to strengthen citizen participation in MMDAs internal revenue generation and utilization for improved local government accountability and performance.

It is also intended to enhance citizens' participation in district assembly revenue generation and utilization processes. This will ultimately improve accountability for financial resources in the Municipal Assembly with focus on internally generated funds (IGF). The specific changes that the project seeks to achieve include the following:

  1. Tools and platforms developed for monitoring internal revenue generation and utilization in theEast Gonja Municipal Assembly

  2. An increase in the number of interested citizens, who are engaging the MA in revenue generation on relevant platforms.

  3. The availability and use of accessible information on internal revenue generation and utilization in the East Gonja Municipal Assembly increased.

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