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Dalun Simli Centre

The Main Office

Dalun Simli Centre is a rural-based training Centre established since 1989 by GDCA in collaboration with its Danish partner Ghana Friends (GV) with the support of DANIDA. The Centre serves as a place for training of community members, women and youth groups in various areas. The areas include skills training, improved processing of products such as rice, groundnuts and shea-nuts for women groups. Skills training for young people are in masonry, carpentry, metal work, dress-making, crocheting and ICT. The Centre also has a programme for remedial classes for students for WASSCE.

The Centre is located in Dalun in the Kumbungu District, 33 km North-West of Tamale Metropolis. The environment is serene, cool and quiet, and removed from the jostling of the main city of Tamale. It is therefore ideal for workshops, retreats, camping and other group activities.

Services of Dalun Simli Centre

The Centre provides the following services

  • Accommodation: The Centre provides accommodation services for individuals and groups for short to long stays.

  • Catering services are provided for groups, families and individuals at their request. 

  • Conference facilities: The Centre provides air conditioned conference facilities, which can cater for as few as 20 to 200 participants.

  • Camping and retreats: Because of its quiet and serene environment, the Centre is ideal for camping, retreats and holidays for groups, organizations, families and individuals.

  • There are other attractions around, including the White Volta, fishing communities, Tamale Water in-take point and treatment centre and the Bontanga Irrigation Site.



To become a rural based centre of excellence for the development of human resources and skills for poverty reduction".




“Dalun Simli Centre provides training for knowledge, skills and attitudes for community people, women groups, young people and development workers to impact positively on their personal livelihoods, groups, communities, organisations and the environment.



To ensure that women, men and young people acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enhance the personal livelihoods, enterprises,  groups and communities to contribute the well-being of society. 


Operational Strategies


Dalun Simli Centre works to achieve the vision, mission and objectives through the following strategies.

1. Providing training to young people, women and men in skills of relevant vocations and trades to enhance their employment opportunities

2. Providing training in lifeskills such as basic literacy, health, sanitation, and environmental management to enhance living standards

3.  Providing training in entrepreneurship and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) development

4. Providing training to development workers to enhance their capacities to support local development

5. Making facilities of the Centre available to individuals, groups, and organisations for use to enhance their own activities and experience the local environment.


Dalun Simli Centre, P.O. Box TL 764, Tamale, Ghana


Mobile: +233 (0)246219504; +233 (0)501333865

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