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Clement bids GDCA goodbye

By Evita Emma Dunee

Goodbye is not the end of a journey but instead an opportunity to explore and gain new experiences.

At a dinner on September 09, 2022, to climax the Ghana Developing Communities Association’s (GDCA) semi-annual reflection session with partners, the opportunity was used to formally bid Clement Boateng farewell, as he moves on to another organization. The day was a bittersweet one as staff, partners and GV (Ghana Friends) took turns to extend their best wishes and appreciation, and share testimonies of the good works of Clement, as a working colleague and a friend to all.

Clement until his resignation was the Communications and Media Officer for Ghana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) and the Empowerment for Life (E4L) Program. It was under his watch and strategic guidance that GDCA and its implementing partners received greater visibility by communicating to partners, beneficiaries, donors, and potential donors.

In his capacity as a Communications and Media Officer coupled with his journalistic background, he helped in strengthening the organization’s relationship with the media fraternity. This increased media publications and engagements of GDCA’s activities and programs.

He was also good at communicating the successes of the organization’s work using infographics for easy understanding by all. This he did by using his design skills to design visually friendly graphics for sharing on the website and social media handles of the organization.

Even though Clement Boateng is leaving GDCA his impact lives on because he helped to train staff on using social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to communicate the work of the organization. This has improved staff capacity in using social media to promote the work of the organization.

Your open-door and sacrificial attitude will forever be missed. Best wishes Clement Boateng as you move on to chalk more successes and experiences. Good luck.


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