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Sang CBO Network Lobbied for the Construction of wells in communities

Since the beginning of the year 2020, Sang CBO Network has been lobbying duty bearers and CSOs to help curb the water problems in Sang community. A reliable source of water has long been a challenge in Sang and neighbouring communities, and is now becoming almost a crisis since the population of the town keeps increasing. E4L program has been instrumental engaging various CBO Networks in the Mion district, and took them through some training sessions to enable them acquire lobbying and negotiation skills, in order to advocate and engage duty bearers and other CSOs for change. Through the support of E4L program, CBOs were guided to develop Action Plans for their various communities. Dwelling on E4L program’s drive for change, the Sang CBO Network successfully lobbied a Turkish Group for the construction of wells in four communities in the Mion District. One of such wells has since been completed and in use by the community members. Another one is near completion for use. An Assembly man named Amadu Hamza, said he believes that the construction of these wells will go a long way to reduce the menace of water problem particularly in Sang and other neighbouring communities.


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