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Kulinoli Dinviela Youth Association and Community Members Erects Three Class Room Pavilion

For a very long time, the Sakoya Community has advocated for a school through the media and other engagements sessions with duty bearers. Generally, the people saw the need for a school in their community and had taken it upon themselves to ensure their dream of having a school becoming a reality one day. The children in the community are the most affected in the area of education because of the absence of a single school in the community. Parents are also affected because they must provide a means of transport usually in the form of bicycle to get their children to school in far communities.

The increase in size of the population has worsen the case for both children and parents because in attempt to use short cut routs to school in other communities through the bush resulted in snake bites. Other effects include lateness to school, poor academic performance and increase school dropout and truancy. In view of all these, the Youth in that community, together with some community members decided to levy parents GHc5 each to begin the erection of a pavilion. The MP in the area also supported with five packets of roofing sheets and wood.

Following this initiative, the community has successfully erected a three classroom pavilion for use as a school in the community awaiting further assistance from stakeholders. Since GES is yet to formalize the school, community volunteers have agreed to facilitate the classes and get the school running.

Mohammed Zakaria, a former E4L Community Journalist, together with other key community people, are facilitating the process.


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