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Kpabia Community Based Organisation mobilizes resources to construct a nurse’s bungalow

In an effort to solve the inadequacy of bungalows in the council for nurses working in the area council clinic, the network with the help of the assemblymen in the Kpabia community, has successfully mobilized materials to construct a 3-bedrooms bungalow for the nurses.

The network organized a meeting involving most of the communities in the area council in which each community was levied Ghc500 with the exception of Gunsi community which was levied Ghc1000 because it is more populated than the rest. These funds are intended to be used to support in the provision of roofing sheets and cement for plastering. The communities in attendance were Gunsi, Mbatinga, Afa yili, Sakabu, Mahakpi, Kulinkpegu.

This network is equipped with several trainings facilitated by the E4L program team in the Mion District. Trainings such as leadership and group dynamics, resource mobilization, internal generated funds and community mobilization and dialogue sessions. These activities resulted in their ability to organize and mobilize resources in order to take this initiative.


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