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Testimony: Madam Adizah has adopted liquid soap production as a full-time business

Madam Adizah Sanda was one of 30 women in Wumpini women VSLA group in Sang who benefitted from E4L Liquid soap production training. Hygiene and sanitation were problems identified by the Wumpini women VSLA group, and soap production was determined to be the remedy to the problems identified. E4L through the expertise of an external facilitator trained the women on how to produce, price, package and brand liquid soap for use and for sale. Majority of the women who benefited from this training now produce liquid soap for domestic use.

Relying on the knowledge acquired from the training, Madam Adizah ventured into liquid soap production for sale. She produces the liqid soap at home and then sell in the market and to other neighboring communities. She earns significant amounts of money from this business venture to supplement what she makes from her teaching profession. According to Madam Adizah, her family now enjoys more nutritious meals and are healthy and all her children are attending good schools. She doesn’t depend on her husband and now saves more money than before.


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