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Community Journalist mobilised Youth to Desilt Gutters in Sang Township

Weisu Mohammed Hardi is one of the new Community Journalists in the Mion District. He was trained in social media by E4L. Hardi sees sanitation as a social and public health problem which has dare consequences for the people in his community if not handled well. However, despite this, the capacity of community leaders and local government authorities in the community to effectively mobilize citizens for collective action is limited.

On this basis, he took the initiative to clear the sanitation mess in his community by mobilising the youth to embark on a clean-up exercise. Led by Hardi, the youth swept the Sang market area and desilted gutters in the Sang township. The exercise lasted for about three hours with the enthusiastic youth chanting songs of communal labour and praising the architect of the noble exercise. Photos of the clean-up exercise have since been posted on Facebook

and shared with friends on other social media outlets.

A teamwork clean-up!


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